Create a Core Memory

Creating a Core Memory –

There is nothing like the feeling of creating a core memory.

The realization that the present moment will be a memory you can look back on for years – that you are experiencing a moment that will be ingrained in who you are as a person.

Maybe I am just a deeply nostalgic romantic – I romanticize the beauty in moments. Driving on the highway. Sitting on a bench listening to Frank Ocean. Sharing goodbye hugs with my friends makes me crave the reunion hug.

I have so many of these core memories – these abstract moments, from grand sunset views at the New York City skyline to little moments like watching a movie my best friend showed me.

But I also cherish the bad. The lonely nights, the tears, from the deep screaming pain to unearthly pain that leaves me in silence. These are also core memories that have created who I am now today.

It is in the moments of dread that I can hold on to the beauty of moments created with people that I love. These core, abstract memories I create with people I love are priceless. I try to bottle them up so I can remember them forever – in the form of photos and videos – to cherish these moments of aliveness, of laughter, of happiness, of sublime, of beauty, of creation, of life.


One response to “Create a Core Memory”

  1. friends and nature can create many memorable moments…


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