December 2018

  • 25 unrealistic and realistic goals for 2019

    Some realistic some unrealistic Some carrying over from 2018 Some I’ve done already Some are new Meditate every day Finish a book a week Work out at least x3 a week Write a blog post every day Write a DTF blog post every month Start a YouTube Channel Start a podcast Learn day-trading and become… Continue reading

  • Where did 2018 go?

    Seriously, where did 2018 go? 2018 started off very slow for me. I spent 4 months in Singapore studying abroad. Those 4 months taught me how it is possible to be living such a “full” life yet not be completely happy. There is always turmoil. There is always a different picture behind the smile. Shanghai… Continue reading

  • In the heat

    Emotions make us do and say things we regret Irrationality is fueled by emotion And when you are in the heat of the moment, it’s incredibly easy to do something you wish you hadn’t In the heat of the moment, the best thing to do is really to take a step back, take a deep… Continue reading

  • Self-improvement

    I’ve written a lot about self-improvement. In fact, I think if anything, the theme of this blog would be best categorized as self-improvement. I’ve recently been working out at my local community center. It’s been a while since I’ve been actively lifting weights, but it feels good. Every morning this past week I’ve woken up… Continue reading

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a tough concept to grasp Forgiving someone might be even harder But sometimes you have to realize that forgiving someone isn’t meant for the other person; often, forgiveness of self is truly the incentive here The more you hold on, the more grudge that builds up, the more you are weighed down. Forgiveness… Continue reading

  • Look around

    While it’s important to focus your sights on your goals It’s also important to look around once and a while Life is busy But don’t be too busy to look both ways when crossing the street Or notice who is walking beside you on the side walks Look around and notice life as it passes… Continue reading

  • How do I define myself

    How do you define yourself? Do you talk about what you do? Or who you are? Do you use titles, labels? Do you start with your name? Do you mention your age? Ethnicity? Nationality? Parents? Friends? Family? Religion? Politics? I’ve always considered myself a student. A student of business. A student of life. A student… Continue reading

  • Resistance

    If you face resistance in life you need to ask yourself: What am I resisting? What is stopping me? It could often be yourself Or you friends Family Or something external Or completely internal It could be self fabricated Or maybe a mix of everything At times of resistance we need to ask ourselves an… Continue reading

  • Hey

    Hey Jeff I’m sorry for the way I used to be I’m sorry for the person I am I’m sorry for putting you in awkward situations But actually, I love my life right now Not because it’s perfect. No. My life is far from perfect. But I love life because somehow, despite how broken I’ve… Continue reading

  • Thinking about thinking

    Think Then you think about those thoughts Then you are aware of your thoughts and your think about thinking The spiral never ends Negative thoughts will spiral like this. Stop those Positive thoughts are great. Use your momentum to think about those thoughts instead Continue reading