February 2018

  • You don’t fit

    They always say “You don’t fit in this shirt” instead of “This shirt doesn’t fit you” People are expected to be average. Mass production of one size clothing is expected to fit everyone. You are either supposed to be an S, M, L, or maybe XL, but what if you have broader shoulders, but a slim belly?… Continue reading

  • No one sees you

    If no one sees you Then you have the advantage of being overlooked People who expect less from you People mistakingly believe you do not have the resources to succeed People think you are weak Prove them wrong Work hard Work smart Work with intent If no one sees you, then give them a reason… Continue reading

  • Burn Bridges

    Because that part of your life…you need to walk away from Because some people are toxic Because it takes more strength to burn bridges and walk away from something you know is a dead cause Because maybe the stars just didn’t align with this project Because sometimes you need to move on And it’s okay… Continue reading

  • This is yours

    Some experiences are meant to be for you only. Those moments of deep thought and solitude? A brisk walk around a beautiful country? That beautiful sunrise at the top of the hill you climbed? Maybe that moment is meant just for you. Maybe the stars aligned perfectly at that moment so only you could experience… Continue reading

  • Rookie Mistake

    A rookie mistake to make when you start learning a new skill is setting any sort of expectations for yourself. It’s called learning, meaning 1) you are not a master…yet and new, meaning 2) you’ve never done this before! There is no way you can possibly expect any specific result…because you are trying something new Any predetermined expectations are just… Continue reading

  • Amateur Writer

    Do you ever feel like you know someone, simply by reading their writing? Well, today I met a total stranger who I felt like I knew. Her name is Dushka Zapata And she has over 155,000 followers & 100million views on Quora, a social media platform based on questions and answers. She also has 4… Continue reading

  • History being made

    Watching these amazing Olympians perform is not only fun because we get to watch excellence but also because some of these athletes are creating history From the first Asian-American ice dancers to medal, to the 17 year old snow boarder who gets gold, to the Canadian figure skaters who are now the most decorated, and… Continue reading

  • Nostalgic

    Everyone feels nostalgic We miss the old Our childhood The “good old days” The safety days When everything was familiar When your friend groups weren’t torn apart And you could go to the same restaurant every weekend with the same group of friends. But maybe now you’ve “grown up” Maybe you live halfway across the… Continue reading

  • I miss my mom

    After you graduate from college or move away from home, you will have already spent roughly ~80% of the time you will spend with your parents That is a very scary thing to think The day we millennials (or Z generation) officially move out from home will definitely be a momentous step forward to adulthood… Continue reading

  • Everything Hurts

    Everything hurts…but I know I will only gain more endurance after more Muay Thai sessions Muscle builds only after you break it down You only get stronger after going through stress, be it mental or physical Good Luck. Grateful Day 50: I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills Magic Day 19: I… Continue reading