November 2017

  • 1% Rule

    Consistency and frequency is greater than amount… It is better to work on being better at what you do by 1% everyday for 1000 days, than trying to improve by 1000% in one day, which is virtually impossible. Constant progress is the key to improvement. 1% is easy to do and may seem little, but… Continue reading

  • Mentors

    It has officially been one month since I started this blog on October 29th, 2017. This month has been nothing short of amazing for me…and I hope to continue this newfound excitement for education, knowledge, and writing. But I didn’t start this alone. I had mentors to guide me. So, in tribute to Tim Ferriss’s… Continue reading

  • Listen to the music…and the lyrics

    I’ve just recently added a soldier to my army. : Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles There was an interesting concept in the book that used this metaphor: Listen to the music…and the lyrics. Sometimes the lyrics and music of a song are in harmony, but sometimes they say completely different things. Just like… Continue reading

  • Give Yourself the Gift of DONE

    Perfectionism kills projects Why? Because “perfect” doesn’t exist. It’s unachievable, which is why we use the term as a rhetoric to emphasize excellence and use it as a flattering comment. But in reality, perfectionism is this flawed philosophy of never getting anything done. When you hold yourself to impossible standards of “perfect”, every project you… Continue reading

  • Don’t be Satisfied

      Satisfied is this flawed term that we like to throw around too often because we think it means “good”. Satisfied means we met the requirements and didn’t take any effort to do more than simply checking off the checklist. Customer service has become so bad, that oftentimes as long as we are not being insulted… Continue reading

  • Stop lying to yourself

    I am going to be a doctor…because my parents and cultural media tells me to. I should become an accountant…because it is a safe and well-paying job in the world of business. I will sell my soul to whatever job pays the best…so I can make unethically large amounts of money. If the second part… Continue reading

  • Starting a fire

    If you’ve ever gone camping and tried to start a fire with nothing but small twigs, weeds, whatever you can find in the woods, and a few matches, you know how hard it is. There are three methods (that I know of) for preparing the set of twigs to burn: tent formation, box, or just… Continue reading

  • Thanks

    Thanks to anyone who smiles at me on campus Thank you to anyone out there making the world a better place and remind me of humility Thank you to those people who have the patience to see me perform magic Thank you to my friends who remind me how important friendship is Thanks to my… Continue reading

  • Alone & Reflections

    I am one of the few people who stayed on campus during Thanksgiving Break… I’ll admit, it does feel a little bit weird how deserted the usually lively campus is. But this week gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything: my first semester of university, my short term and long term career goals, and… Continue reading

  • Harry Baker: Real Men

    Harry Baker is an inspiration to me He is a young poet, having recently finished his studies in Math and German at the University of Bristol His love for Math and rapping lead him to write his first slam poem called “59”, a love poem about prime numbers which he still performs to this day… Continue reading