What I want love to look like

What I want love to look like

Ours would be the type of relationship where we are strong independent – and even stronger together

We could be objective proof the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We make each other better.

Her face is pretty

But it is her soul that I find absolutely gorgeous

A soul that reminds me what true beauty and love would look and feel like

She can overthink my overthinking

Because she always has better ideas

She has a way of perceiving the nuances of the world that I could never

She would remind me of the beauty of the world but also the beauty in myself

She is fun, weird, has a loud laugh and bright smile

She cries a lot.

But so do I. We will trade shoulders.

She will make me question my belief in the existence of angels

She invigorates my self love – re-injecting my life with even more purpose and meaning that I previously that I had much of already

She reminds me that I can live authentically – that she loves all versions of me. I will remind her that the best version of me is one where we are together


One response to “What I want love to look like”

  1. good luck in finding her!


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