May 2018

  • Unharnessed Creativity

    We are all creative people, but not all of us are creators. When you bottle up all that imagination and thoughts without having an outlet, you end up allowing yourself to be consumed by unharnessed creativity. Studies have shown that people who don’t consistently practice their creativity lead to more stress, lower concentration, and increased… Continue reading

  • Starting tomorrow

    People who do written commitments over simply verbal commitments are much more likely to pursue the product. Especially if you hold yourself accountable not only to yourself but to an audience. So here is my commitment: Starting tomorrow I will be working on my new podcast. It will be very much like my blog, where I… Continue reading

  • Subsidiaries


    If you invest in Google (or now Alphabet), you probably primarily think of Google’s search engine. Or at least, that’s what you would have thought 10 years ago. Now, Google has so many subsidiaries, you could take away their search engine and still have a very strong business model. They also now control many advertising… Continue reading

  • Robots Become Human

    Robots Become Human

    There’s a new video game out called “Detroit Become Human” Set 20 years into the future, the video game takes place in Detroit where the unemployment rate has skyrocketed past 60%, and the community is increasingly frustrated with the way the world is progressing: A world dominated by artificially intelligent robots. Androids clean the streets,… Continue reading

  • History is not an accurate predictor of the future

    Before you invest in the stock market, it’s one of the first rules you learn: “history does not guarantee future performance” History can be daunting, especially when numbers and statistics have been involved. Particularly in sports. In 2016, no team had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals in a 7-game… Continue reading

  • Cold Open

    Cold Open

    The 15-45 second short scene before the opening song starts in a sitcom is called the “cold open.” These short scenes set the mood for the rest of the episode. They often have no relation to the plot of the story, but are critical in drawing the audience in with a quick scene with as… Continue reading

  • Execution is hard

    Okay, so you have a great idea Every idea on Shark Tank has potential, but not every pitch or company receives an offer from the 5 esteemed investors Ideas are cheap, but can you take that idea to the next level? It’s time to execute Continue reading

  • Updating our privacy policy

    Updating our privacy policy

    Ever since people found out that Facebook monetizes its user’s data, every website, social media, and app is updating their privacy policy. Sure, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal may have caused some concern, with the “#DeleteFacebook” movement on Twitter being relevant for a week, but look at the response. Facebook messes up, and every company in… Continue reading

  • Raising a puppy

    I am currently raising the cutest puppy in the world. He is an Akita breed, 3 months old. He is feisty and likes to bite a lot…but it is affectionate playful biting. He also loves to eat. His favorite toys are a giant Quatchi plushie and an old slipper. His name is Toto. Welcome to… Continue reading

  • Because…


    There should always be a “because” Why are you doing this? Because it’s economical. Because it’s fun. Because I should. Because it’s meant to be. If you don’t have a good “because”, then it might not be worth it. At the very least, you should be doing something because you want to. Continue reading