November 2021

  • Limits of knowledge

    My philosophy dissertation is an 8000-word essay (that’s roughly 20 pages, single-spaced) that I’ve spent 3 months working on. As I approach the tail end of my time at Cambridge University, I’ve changed my dissertation thesis conclusion at nearly every draft. I began with conclusion “X”, then I completely changed my thesis to be conclusion… Continue reading

  • Sonder: the realization that everyone has a story

    I’m in Edinburgh this week and decided to watch the Beauty & the Beast musical by myself today. In the programme I searched up the names of the actors and the actresses. Belle was played by Courtney Stapleton, an LGBTQ+ Black actress. I was happy to see her success. Also, I found it unique watching… Continue reading

  • How Jazz Music can make you a better boxer

    I first started boxing and Muay Thai back in Singapore. I trained with Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Gaiyanhadao. Now that I’ve finally gotten off my mother’s couch and back in school, I picked up boxing again while at Cambridge. And, although I am very well still a rookie, I did my first light sparring… Continue reading

  • Performance Anxiety

    Performance Anxiety of FriendshipsIn high school, I was a theatre kid. Every year I had to not only perform in front of my peers during class, depending on what we were studying (film, theatre, movement, mime, etc) but I also acted in the annual productions our school put on.I can distinctly remember the moments before… Continue reading