June 2018

  • Shanghai

    [Daily Blog Post #244] I’ll be in Shanghai from June 30*th – August 15th. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some noise. Create a ruckus, as Seth Godin often says. I want to create my own merit. I’ll be talking to you guys from the other side of the world. Stay tuned. Continue reading

  • Different streams

    [Daily Blog Post #244]   I missed my flight today to Shanghai. But I’ve also read 27 books so far in 2018. Around 1/3 from Audiobooks, 1/3 from physical books, and 1/3 on my Kindle. At first, I was slightly unsure if getting multiple streams of consuming knowledge would be difficult for me to track,… Continue reading

  • Reset

    [Daily Blog Post #243] Man, how many times has your computer stopped working, and you just restart the computer and it fixes whatever obscure problem it had? Today, my Apple TV wouldn’t open up the Netflix app. My washer suddenly wouldn’t start running, and I needed to wash my clothes to pack for my Shanghai… Continue reading

  • Do we ever forget

    I don’t think we, as humans, will ever forget who we used to be. Even if you took a break from piano for a year, your fingers still remember those scales and rhythms you practiced for countless hours as a kid. Certain foreign phrases will always sound familiar, despite you having not spoken your native tongue… Continue reading

  • Starter

    [Daily blog post #241] Every community needs a starter. Someone who instigates action. Every person in the friend group wants to hang out and see each other, but without a starter, without a planner to set a date, nothing happens. A point guard starts the offense in a basketball game but isn’t necessarily always the… Continue reading

  • The power of “Yet”

    I am not a millionaire… Yet. I don’t know how to write a book… Yet. My body isn’t as fit as I’d like it to be… Yet. I am not completely educated in everything I am interested in… Yet. If you don’t add “Yet”, then you’ve given up. The power of “Yet” means you will… Continue reading

  • Am I old?

    Today I played basketball with a friend at the nearby community center: South Arm. Between the ages of 13-16, I basically lived at South Arm. Whether it was at 4:30 AM, getting my early morning practice in before school, or late night shootarounds past 10 PM, I was probably there playing basketball. But that was… Continue reading

  • A word from my friend Madison:

    Hello everybody! It’s Madison and Ailaina! You are all so cool and we love you SO MUCH! We appreciate you following our friend jeff! Thank again and GOODNIGHT!!!! Yeet -Samantha Continue reading

  • Midnight Thoughts: (Vox & Gene Editing)

    With every solution arises newfound problems. Gene editing has the potential to eliminate genetic and hereditary diseases. It has the potential to eradicate chronic illnesses like dwarfism or down syndrome, mutations of the cell that causes cancer, and other disorders, like potentially allergies or eczema (which would be amazing for me). But then there is… Continue reading

  • It’s not that great

    Kisha Poppo does not have the best sushi in Richmond Nor does it have above-average service The price-value ratio is subpar. But I’ve gone to Kisha Poppo the most out of any restaurant. Probably more than I’ve gone to ANY Macdonalds chain. It’s not that great, but I’ve built memories there. So I continue to… Continue reading