June 2019

  • FOMO

    FOMO – fear of missing out we want to be included in what’s happening but the irrational part of me makes me want to do things I don’t necessarily want to do out of FOMO in reality, FOMO causes us to make poor decisions knowing this, it’s important to better approach life with an awareness… Continue reading

  • Money

    Modern money has no intrinsic value and I think that makes it the most fascinating case study ever The USD is the global reserve currency and 60% of world transactions are dealt in USD That’s crazy The USD is backed by US. But if the country’s economy fails, like Venezuela, Ecuador, or Zimbabwe, then the… Continue reading

  • How’s life?

    How is life? There’s a lot of weight to that question We often answer it based on how we are feeling at the current moment So timing comes into play But really, how your quality of life is depends on a much longer time frame Instead of thinking 50 seconds ahead it’s good to think… Continue reading

  • Adapting

    I travel a fair amount And every new place I go to there is a phase of adapting to the area Adapting to the food, environment, culture, people Adaptability is an incredibly important trait As humans we are one of the most adaptable species We learn and grow from adapting to new situations Each time… Continue reading

  • World

    How do I experience life to the fullest? I think there is a way The person we often need to forgive the most is ourselves Only then can we fully metaphorically spread our wings and see the world They say Icarus flew too high and his wings burned and made him crash But flying too… Continue reading

  • Remembering self

    Daniel Kahneman, a behavioral scientist, claims we have two selves Am experiencing self (the now) And the remembering self (the past) Often times these two may be in misalignment Our experiencing self feels the pain of having to exercise and go through pain Our remembering self remembers the good moments of physical health Our experiencing… Continue reading

  • some things are just more fun with people

    some things are more fun when done alone for me reading writing meditating some things are more fun with other people and this list is usually a lot bigger eating exploring the city traveling amusement parks laughing exercising it’s good to balance both solo and group activities to better understand how to recharge your own… Continue reading

  • Losing habits

    I love traveling but it’s quite difficult to keep up with my usual habits My daily blog has taken a hit And I haven’t been able to find time to meditate Habits are difficult to keep up when you are thrown out of your natural environment And it’s also a test for me to continue… Continue reading

  • Attractive people are not happier in the long term

    If you become more attractive you will be happier… in the short term That might be a few weeks to months or maybe even a few years But over time, research studies have shown that attractive people are not any more or less happy than “regular” people Of course it’s all arbitrary Which is exactly… Continue reading

  • How to buy happiness

    Money buys happiness when you know what to properly buy Experiences trump materialistic purchases through and through Experiences stay with you regardless of where you are Materialistic objects are all temporary The happiest people have a book of memories Continue reading