September 2018

  • Fight Club

    Daily post 335 I watched Fight Club during the weekend, and let me tell you: WOW! It’s an action movie. Yes But it’s equally, if not more, of a psychological thriller. It’s definitely a must re-watch movie because every scene seems to have multiple metaphors that an individual simply can’t comprehend with one watch. I feel… Continue reading

  • Swinging the ball

    334 In basketball, the best teams are the ones that swing the ball Which means how quickly you pass the ball to your teammates The best teams are the ones that trust each other just as much, if not more, than they trust themselves A successful team swings the ball Continue reading

  • Bill Gates or Microsoft?

    333 I had a heated discussion today with someone about whether Bill Gates or Microsoft impacted the world more. The problem here is that these are not two things you can compare at all. Bill Gates built Microsoft, and Microsoft’s software and influence exist in over 82% of all computers across the world. Yes, but… Continue reading

  • “Everything starts with a thought”

    Daily blog post 332 Why dream? They often say to stop “daydreaming during class and staring out the window” But why? I say encourage dreaming. Everything starts with a thought A thought to do something greater, bigger, better Whether that thought manifests into anything concrete or reality is redundant, because, without the thought, there would… Continue reading

  • What is the ultimate goal?

    What is the ultimate goal? People who consciously plan and set consistent, well-thought-out goals, are more likely to achieve them. A simple task to map out your life goals is to write down 25 things you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years. Any 25 things. Go wild. Be imaginative. How much further in life can… Continue reading

  • Being your own boss

    330 I really can’t imagine working for someone else’s dream my entire life. The 9-5 grind, the job security–for some people, that is the right path. But for me, I am too spontaneous. When I get interested in something, I do it. If not, I try to put it off. In a world where individuals… Continue reading

  • Twins

    329 Steven Pinker claims that identical twins raised separately are no different than those raised together, demonstrating in his view that the old idea of the mind being a blank slate is false and genetics trumps environment. But does that mean nature wins the fight against nurture? I can’t comprehend that. My friend who is… Continue reading

  • Eisenhower Matrix

    327 The Eisenhower matrix has been something I’ve recently tried using to prioritize certain tasks. It’s a way of diving Urgent vs. Non-urgent and Important vs. Non-Important tasks into 4 different quadrants. In quadrant 1, the important and urgent tasks should always be done first with upcoming urgent deadlines. These are crucial and include things… Continue reading

  • Recording yourself

    327 Watching recordings of yourself is always weird. The camera doesn’t play tricks. It’s objective. IT relays back what the world sees. Most of the time, when you see yourself, it’s through a mirror or reflection. So watching a recording of yourself might be the closest form of authentically seeing what you are like and… Continue reading

  • Regression to the mean

    326 In basketball there’s a concept called the “hot hand fallacy” It’s the concept that because you’ve hit several shots in a row, that you’ll definitely make the next shot But that’s not always true–because there’s always a regression to the mean. Some days you’ll hit many shots, which will always be balanced out by… Continue reading