February 2020

  • Massive Group Suicide?

    There is an old myth that lemmings, these rodents, will occasionally, in massive hoards, jump off cliffs into the water and their death. It’s quite a grim scene. This scene of following the leader is often cited as an example in behavioral psychology as a danger in mass-conformity and herd-following. There’s only one problem: lemmings… Continue reading

  • Tesla and Virgin Galactic

    Yes, Tesla’s and Virgan Galactic’s recent stock price surges is all Wall Street can talk about right now. But what’s even more exciting is the potential technological paradigm shifts that Elon Musk and Richard Branson is spearheading that will drive their values up even higher in the future. 1) Tesla is leading the EV industry… Continue reading

  • China Wuhan Virus

    “These construction sites are a fine example of decisive Communist Party Action” reports the Economist. China recently completed a 1000-bed hospital construction in just 10-days in response to the Wuhan virus. A second hospital is now being built. The timelapse of the construction is just insane Chinese officials are getting criticism for apparently hiding the… Continue reading

  • Investing in innovation

    If we want to change the world then we need to continue investing in innovative industries – even if it doesn’t make fundamental sense Read the full article here: Innovative Investing for 2020 (and the new decade) Continue reading

  • Apple’s dominance

    How powerful is Apple? It’s the most valuable and profitable public company in America / the world, worth ~$1.3 trillion dollars. With a T They have $210B in cash Straight Cash – readily deployable To put that into perspective, Apple is one good quarter away from being able to completely acquire DISNEY Disney is worth… Continue reading