April 2018

  • Change your focus

    Change your focus

    For the past few decades, targetting the sellers has been very ineffective in stopping the sale of illegal drugs. When you arrest the sellers, it only exacerbates the issue. The fundamental law of economics that controls any market is supply and demand. Stopping drug sellers decreases supply, making it more scarce, while the demand remains the… Continue reading

  • Alternatives


    Anyone who knows me also knows that I have allergies… A lot of them Beef, dairy, eggs, yeast, peanuts, sesame, lamb, pineapple, gluten, 1000 different type of trees, pollen, and the cold. Dairy might be the worst one Not being able to have milk with my coffee or cereal. No ice cream, no alfredo sauce,… Continue reading

  • Time

    Do you ever find it bizarre that time only moves forward, and not backward? Do you ever wonder why time affects everyone, is constantly moving, but it still feels different to everyone? Even though 60 ticks on a clock goes by means 1 minute That 1 minute can feel dragged out When you are in… Continue reading

  • A letter to myself

    A letter to myself

    Dear Jeff, You live a privileged life You have great friends and family Opportunities are everywhere, and you only need to take the first step You have great aspirations and will accomplish a lot in life But even if you don’t, it’s okay I know you are stressed out right now, and maybe the past… Continue reading

  • How to choose a career you want with incentives

    How to choose a career you want with incentives

    There are 5 types of incentives in life (3 according to the book Freakonomics), powered by 5 different types of “minds” in your head. Economical Moral Social Personal Logical Your economical mind wants you to become an investment banker. He wants you to make as much money as you can and get rich. Your moral-self… Continue reading

  • People are doing quality work

    People are doing quality work

    Today I found out that there is a 19-year-old physics student at Stanford who is discovering ways to locate and avoid space-debris (or space junk), which will benefit companies like NASA and SpaceX and the ISS. and most of you have heard of the 20-year-old women’s advocate and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate TED conferences… Continue reading

  • Day to day

    Day to day

    Life gets tough sometimes Maybe more often than just sometimes But if you can survive one day at a time You can go pretty far Good Luck Continue reading

  • The good

    The good

    Adam Grant did an experiment in his book “ Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives our Success (Which I highly recommend you check out) He asked employees of a company: “what % of your co-workers do you think steal from the company?” He found that people who often answered this question with high % generally meant that that specific… Continue reading

  • Incentives


    I began reading Freakonomics today (or more so, listening to it on Audible) One of the main concepts introduced in the beginning is the concept of incentives There are primarily 3 types of incentives in life, when you essentialize it down, you get: Economic Social Moral Each of us is driven by these three main… Continue reading

  • Sticks & Stones

    Sticks & Stones

    Sticks and stones may break your bones… But bones heal. Your words will stay with me forever. The scars you cannot see. The beauty and power you’ve granted to me. The insecurities I’ll never forget. Words can make you feel. It’s how we share emotions—how we express anger, hate, love, excitement, confusion, passion, frustration. Sometimes, one… Continue reading