July 2018

  • Blind test

    275 When Abbie Conant auditioned for the Munich Philharmonics, she played a masterful piece on the trombone in a blind audition. The judges could only base their decisions on what they heard and felt, not what they saw. And what they heard and felt was so magical that they stopped the auditions halfway, with the head… Continue reading

  • Sharing my writing

    Daily post 274 I didn’t realize I was an introvert until I started college. I’ve been thinking a lot more, and I’ve enjoyed isolating myself from other people more often than not. The less you speak, the more you think. But you have to give yourself an outlet. 274 days ago, I decided to open… Continue reading

  • Where is the party?

    Daily Blog post 273: Where is the party? We got lost today. But “lost” has more of a negative connotation. And often, being “lost” isn’t on purpose. Today, we explored an area we didn’t know. We had no idea where we were going but we were still enjoying ourselves. We bumped into this open square,… Continue reading

  • Magic

    272 Magic It’s a part of who I am It makes me unique What is your magic? Continue reading

  • I don’t know what I am doing

    This is Daily Blog Post 271 I don’t really know what I am doing Life is good though Tonight we went to a rollerblading rink+bar And every step I took I almost felt like I was going to face plant and die. To be honest, I have no idea what I am doing But life… Continue reading

  • Ethnic Extinction?

    This is daily blog post #270. Something to ponder: Do you guys think that the Chinese race will go extinct? Now, hear me out. If I were to have children with someone who is NOT ethnically Chinese, every generation under me will never be 100% Chinese again. Genetically and statistically, it can’t happen. The same… Continue reading

  • 269

    This is blog post 269. It feels unreal. Today, a girl in my Shanghai group told me she liked my writing. Inside, I was ecstatic. I’ve always felt humbled when people I barely know (but would like to know better) happen to read my writing. A simple comment can go very far. A click on… Continue reading

  • Homeless

    [Daily Blog Post #268] Today I explored Shanghai by myself trying to look for a shoe store. I couldn’t find it and I felt frustrated. When I walked back home I saw 4 homeless men on one street block, just a street down from where I work, and I felt mad and laughed at myself… Continue reading

  • Economics: These are the top countries in the world

    Based on 6 metrics: Human Development Index Current account (surplus/deficits) GDP (nominal) GDP (nominal) per capita GDP (PPP) GDP (PPP) per capita. The following 20 countries are the top economic: Germany Japan Switzerland Netherlands Norway Singapore Italy S. Korea Sweden Ireland Taiwan Spain Hong Kong Denmark Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Qatar Israel Russia Finland… Continue reading

  • How much did you pay for your lunch today?

    How much did you pay for your lunch today?

    [Daily Blog Post #266] In Singapore, I paid $45USD for a haircut. A good meal at a hawker center (an outdoors open foodcourt) took less than $8USD. In Shanghai, I paid $3USD for my lunch and $7USD for a regular haircut that was still comparable to the ones I got in Singapore. When I visited… Continue reading