August 2018

  • Brand value

    304 How do you measure brand value? I’ve recently begun trying to live a more minimalistic life. My black and grey shirts are just that. My shoes are black, I don’t own designer items, and just by looking at what I wear, there is no indication of any sort of brand. The only brand loyalty… Continue reading

  • New connections

    daily post 303 I don’t actively look to make new connections. It’s not because I don’t like people–it’s mainly because I am such an introvert that I’d rather keep to myself. Yet, it seems that when I do make new connections, they always happen to be very smooth and filled with chemistry. I think it… Continue reading

  • Three ways of understanding humanity and three rebuttals

    Daily blog post 302 Today in “Human Person” we discussed Steven Pinker’s “Blank Slate” where he introduces three popular ways of understanding humanity and then provides three rebuttals: The first theory is the theory of “Blank Slates”, introduced by a philosopher by the name of John Locke. That all humans are born as blank slates… Continue reading

  • I want to dabble

    Daily post 302 Dabbling in something is good, but only in the short term. To dabble is to try slightly but not devote great passion. You should dabble in many things, and then when you discover what you love, you should devote and invest resources into what you’ve discovered. If you only dabble, you will… Continue reading

  • Sizing yourself up

    Daily blog post 301 I am taking a course this semester called “Human Person” I am the only non-humanities major in the class, and thus the only business student. In fact, because this course is outside of my major, I had to override the application to get in. But when I read the course description,… Continue reading

  • Ups and downs

    Daily post 301 I read a post from a family member today that urged me to slow down and enjoy the journey. So this post is inspired by her words. 2017 was one of the weirdest years for me. The first half was terrible and one of the worst times for me and the second… Continue reading

  • Hugs all around

    300 For many of my Villanova friends, I haven’t seen in 9 months because I studied abroad in the spring. Yet it felt great to know that many of my peers I met during freshman year still remembered me and we embraced in a hug or quick handshake. It feels a bit surreal that I… Continue reading

  • Memoirs

    Daily post 299 Why did my mother decide to immigrate from China to Vancouver? It’s a question I’ve been pondering for nearly 19 years until tonight during my farewell dinner I decided to ask the person who had the answer. My mother has always been one of the toughest people I know, and finally knowing… Continue reading

  • Bamboo

    298 In the first year of growing a bamboo tree, there will be no signs of growth, despite nurturing for it and watering it consistently. You do this for 2 years, 3, 4, but no signs of life. The Chinese bamboo tree will not begin growing until the fifth year. But in that fifth year,… Continue reading

  • Not ready

    297 It feels really weird to me that school starts in less than a week. I don’t necessarily feel ready for “real life” to start again because summer always ends up being a fantasy blur to me. But I’ve felt this same feeling for the past 13 years. I don’t think I’ve ever been “ready”… Continue reading