March 2018

  • Plot Twist

    I love a good plot twist. Or “wow” factor. If you’ve ever watched Kingsman, then you know how many great “oh-my-god” moments they have that completely surprise you,. I think with new projects, or whatever you are creating, you should strive for a “wow” factor, something people weren’t expecting, something fresh and new. Real cannons… Continue reading

  • Be Multi-Skilled

    Be the lawyer who also is a certified sky-diver The accountant who paints landscapes on the weekend The illustrator who can file her own taxes A professor who can do magic. (Looking at you, Adam Grant!) Or be the business student who writes a blog, plays basketball and does boxing, reads every day, and also… Continue reading

  • A book of ideas

    Everyone has the potential to come up with great ideas. Creative original ideas. It’s a proven fact. But the issue is that most of us don’t remember them or choose not to remember them. I have a notebook, both a physical one and a digital one on my laptop, where I write down all the… Continue reading

  • How was I supposed to know?

    How was I supposed to know?

    Did you know that in the 1960’s, that the average income in America, when adjusted for inflation, was about 30x more than China’s, and about 20x more than India’s? Did you know that the reason there is a 2-3 month long break during the summer is that during the agricultural revolution, students had to help their parents… Continue reading

  • A Fist bump is all you need

    We all have misunderstandings Between friends–new and old–, family, maybe even strangers But at the end of the day, you don’t want to feel this uneasiness You don’t like this feeling of unfinished business and all the stress both of the parties inevitably feel A fist bump can release all of your anxiety. A fist… Continue reading

  • [Book Review] How to Be Original

    I finished reading  Originals, – by Adam Grant. Adam Grant, who is rated the best professor at UPenn Wharton’s Business school, is an organizational psychologist who has written several #1 NYT books. In Originals, he discusses how Non-conformists (procrastinators, slow people, and other different personality traits) succeed in life with their increased creativity This is my book review… Continue reading

  • Micro Vs. Macro

    Micro is the small scale, the small actions we do to improve.   It means brushing your teeth twice a day. Reading even just 30 minutes a day. Writing–every day. Every minute, every hour, every day You won’t remember these micro-actions, but they add up, and you need to decide to make micro-improvements every day.… Continue reading

  • Passive Influence

    You don’t always need to inspire someone by being in their face and actively discussing inspiration You don’t need to motivate people by shouting at them Sometimes, it’s better to show rather than tell people about influence, and sometimes it can be from afar. Today I spent the whole day at Universal Studios Singapore and… Continue reading

  • Just ask

    People are willing to help But not many are readily offering their help. Instead, the important thing is to ask A New York professor gave an experiment to his high school class to ask for other people’s seats on the subway Over 60% of the time, other people obliged, even if there was no obvious reason… Continue reading

  • Joining the workforce

    Every one has to join the workforce To add some value to the economy To the world Today was my first day as an intern and I enjoyed it because I felt like I was adding value I was a resource If you are able to attribute value to your job, you will perform much… Continue reading