January 2018

  • And so it begins…

    So, I challenged myself for the month of February to either: Jog every day, or Do magic for a stranger(s) every day On the Facebook poll, I received 10-10 in votes… But on Instagram, I received 60% in favor of magic out of about 100+ votes. And so it begins… Tomorrow is February, and although… Continue reading

  • Let your demons out

    stare at a wall in silence meditate be still let all your demons come out let your thoughts escape you and run circles It’s okay you may get scared you may feel taunted and attacked allow it to happen allow yourself to freely think about the bad–and the good let your demons out so they… Continue reading

  • I can see the finish line + NEW LOGO + Vote for a CHALLENGE

    I am nearing my 100th blog post and I can literally see the finish line…it is far far away my pursuit to write was never meant to be a sprint and the finish line does not end on the 100th post the finish line, I can just barely see, is at the 1000th post, and… Continue reading

  • The Greatest Showman

    I’ve been completed infatuated with The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack After watching the movie, I was reminded of my past acting and musical endeavors throughout 5 years of high school… I missed singing in musical numbers, and dancing with my best friends on stage, and yelling and crying and messing up lines. Nostalgia at its finest.… Continue reading

  • I don’t know

    There’s this story about this farmer one day, 3 extra horses were gifted to him by another farmer his friend comments: “wow, isn’t that great? You now have 4 horses” the farmer replies: “I don’t know if it is” the next day, his son decides to ride one of the new horses and finds that… Continue reading

  • The Garden

      Preserving beauty is a universal challenge How do you capture these sights, sounds, and smells? How do we preserve something that is beautiful, so that other generations can admire them as well? Or should we even preserve such things? Sometimes it is best to absorb the moment. Sometimes a photo is not necessary because… Continue reading

  • Different

      Different doesn’t mean bad Different means not the same Just because you don’t look like other pretty people doesn’t mean you are not beautiful yourself A rose and sunset have nothing in common but just because they look different, doesn’t make either one any less magnificent Embrace what makes you different Grateful Day 25:… Continue reading

  • Dance

    Whether or not you actually have good moves doesn’t matter if it makes you feel good about yourself, then dance I encourage critics to condemn my lack of groovy-ness All the while, I’ll continue to dance Just like I’ll continue to write I’ll continue to play basketball Maybe I’ll sing a little too. Okay, I will… Continue reading


    If it’s not a “HELL YES”, it has got to be a “No” In a world where everyone is busy, where information overload exists in every urbanized lifestyle, you have to say “No” to a lot of things But when you see something great, when you see an amazing opportunity, make sure you say “Hell… Continue reading

  • Information Overload

    Innovation of technology was created so that humanity could better share and extract data and information But society has become so good at distributing information, that we are often times bombarded with too much Social media, newspapers, billboards, random people shouting on the streets, text messages Our phones beep too much during the day And… Continue reading