October 2018

  • A Full Year of Blogging

    A Full Year of Blogging

    Oh. My. God. It has been one year of blogging. I have written a daily blog post 365 times. Whether you started reading my posts from day one, or this is your first time reading my writing, I thank you for being a part of my journey. It’s been a wild year. I’ve always considered… Continue reading

  • Sorry

    364 Tomorrow is going to be my 365th blog post. I’ll have blogged for one year straight. It’s surreal. And tomorrow, I plan to spill my heart out. I’ve always been an open book and the top of my blog has the title “Unfiltered Thoughts” So tomorrow I plan to show you what the past… Continue reading

  • A song

    Daily Blog post 363: A Song It’s amazing how a sound, a smell, a song, a landscape, a photograph, a word, a feeling… these things can all transplant you to another time and place. A place of happiness Or a place of remorse I have a strong affinity with certain songs. Songs that remind me… Continue reading

  • I’ve fantasized everything

    362 I see my future. It’s a life glittered with happiness. My partner in crime, my soulmate, my best friend, she is a part of my journey as we travel around the world and do good. My family is grounded, and they remain stable, safe, healthy, and full of love. My best friends give me… Continue reading

  • Who am I?

    Daily Blog 361 Am I funny? Am I an intelligent thinker? Am I kind? Am I a good person? I’d like to think so. Or at the very least, I strive to be so. But each of us is three versions of ourselves: Who we think we are Who others perceive us as And who… Continue reading

  • Magic

    Daily blog post 359 I’m happy that I have magic to keep me stable. It’s familiar to me and it reminds me of the little gold nuggets of chemistry that I’ve been able to create with this medium. Much like my writing. I’ve always loved receiving comments about my words–constructive feedback and positive praise. This… Continue reading

  • Should I keep trying

    Daily Blog post 358 At some point in your life, in fact, at many times in your life, you will probably hit a fork in the road. One path has the sign “Try Again” and the other path says to “Pause” And it is at these fork roads that I often experience the most pain.… Continue reading

  • Firsts

    357 How often do you do something for the first time? Growing up, everything is a first. All these new stimuli. All these new experiences. It all comes so rapidly. But as you get older, these firsts become rarer. And now you get surprised by them. You’ve never felt this before? It’s a first. It… Continue reading

  • I like to look at people’s faces

    I like to look at people’s faces

    Daily Blog 356 I like to look at people’s faces. And I know that sounds extremely creepy, but please let me explain myself before you come to an immediate conclusion. There is this… void, that I often feel in my own life. How many times are we going to ask ourselves this question: “What is… Continue reading