February 2019

  • Rejection

    Recently I’ve been rejected by all the internships and jobs I’ve applied for, as well as the service organization on campus I don’t think I’ll ever get used to rejection Rejection often gives me some of the ugliest emotions It’s their fault for not accepting me Their judgment is horrible! I should have definitely been… Continue reading

  • I started a podcast

    I started a podcast Same name as my blog Search “The Jawesome Life” on any platform and it should be there… Spotify, Apple Podcast, Overcast. I’m learning It’s fun And I think this’ll be good for me in the long run Continue reading

  • Timing

    How important is timing? You can’t time things perfectly. You can only prepare. Because when the good stuff is known, when the timing is perfect, the opportunity will have already been gone by then. Continue reading

  • Succeed with too little or struggle with too much

    My freshman year of college I had a 3.94 GPA. I had all A’s and two A-‘s. But if I am being completely honest, that doesn’t mean as much as people think. Because there’s more context to it. And I don’t want to say any of this to gloat, because there are still people who… Continue reading

  • Here

    If I can’t make a positive difference in this world then I don’t know what I’m doing here Emphasis on positive Continue reading

  • Meeting Daniel Sloss

    Met Daniel Sloss today and saw his show at the SoHo playhouse tonight One of my favorite comedians Here are some takeaways: Ignorance does not equal hatred There are different ways to inspire people. Comedy being one of them Don’t be afraid of your masculinity (men) Never watch a birthing video in reverse Women: going… Continue reading

  • Work

    Do work Hustle Rest Repeat Somewhere within the cycle you need to find passion If you don’t, then the chain to the cycle will eventually break Continue reading

  • Passing

    I sat in on an Econ class last semester and sat next to someone who passed away in December Today I woke up to my friend texting me that school was cancelled because it was a snow day I was ecstastic because I hadn’t studied for my micro theory test and woke up early to… Continue reading

  • Religion

    I think we all have a religion Atheists believe in something Christians believe in something Buddhists believe in something Religion isn’t necessarily only attributed to God Religion to me is more of a lifestyle A philosophy Way of living life in respect to the Creator Whether we worship or not, we need to accept that… Continue reading

  • Relegate

    Don’t relegate your teachers to only people who look like teachers Don’t relegate creativity to things you believe are traditionally creative Don’t relegate beauty to aesthetics And don’t relegate life to externalities Continue reading