July 2019

  • time quote

    “Sometime in your life you will have occasion to say ‘What is this thing called time?’ You know, what is that, the clock? You go to work by the clock, you get your martini in the afternoon by the clock, and you have your coffee by the clock, and have to get on a plane… Continue reading

  • optimism

    It’s easy to be a critic It’s easy to be negative When society sees someone going the road less traveled, or going a road that’s never been traveled, our instinct is to condemn the individual for being irrational But realism and optimism are not polar opposites In fact, a realistic optimist is the best type… Continue reading

  • Leaving Singapore

    Singapore makes the rest of the world look bad I am constantly amazed at the architecture, creativity, design, and utter efficiency of the country and the people I believe traveling and understanding global perspectives is how we can better the world How can I take what I’ve learned from Singapore, China, Europe, New York, and… Continue reading

  • Most gorgeous country

    Singapore is the easily the most gorgeous country I’ve been to Marina Bay is on another level when it comes to innovation, design, and creativity Returning back to Singapore makes me truly appreciate the intricate details that Singaporeans have put into designing a wonderful city-state Singaporeans are proud of their country. They are proud of… Continue reading

  • going against the crowd

    it’s hard it’s really hard to go against the elephant in your head elephants are huge no one messes with them and when they want something they’ll go for it that is your mind most of the time but your rational self is sitting on top of the elephant you can’t tame the elephant completely,… Continue reading

  • Lamma Island

    Today my friends and I visited a small island off the coast of Hong Kong Island, called Lamma Island. It was cute and very quaint. Although it did seem like a place more fit for tourists, it still had a very local vibe. The island is primarily a fishing village and has multicultural diverse communities.… Continue reading

  • will robots be better parents?

    with the advancement of AI and robotic technology, one fear is the fear that robots will become better parents than humans though no robot will ever be able to emulate true passionate emotion as humans are able to, the basic necessities of caring for a child can be easily replicated and be enhanced by robotic… Continue reading

  • fullest

    if the worst times in my life have taught me anything, it’s that i need to capture the best time of my life and just live life to the fullest   Continue reading

  • writing a book

    I’ve decided to write and publish a book I’ve been in contact with a student book program and it is scheduled: this time next year, I will have written a book, and will be publishing it in July 2020. I haven’t written it yet. But I have the grit. I have the will power. I… Continue reading

  • goals, and feeling behind

    I’ve hit many of my 2019 goals but also have fallen behind on quite a few I’ve visited Europe and started a podcast But I’m also 4 books behind schedule for finishing one book a week Feeling bad about falling behind is pointless, really If life is a marathon, then the race isn’t over yet… Continue reading