Beauty in impermanence


Is a sunset more beautiful because it is scarce, in that it only occurs once a day, and to fully capture a proper viewing angle is often rare?

Is a flower beautiful because it will one day wither, and so in the days it remains blossomed it is admired?

Is there beauty in impermanence?

Well, in an economic approach, we measure this by supply. The supply of something will inherently determine its value; the more readily available something is, the less valuable. Scarcity, or impermanence, as a quality, increases value.

So if we look at the beauties in life, are they all in a way, low in supply, scarce, and impermanent?

Humans are beautiful and we all have a fixed time on this earth.

Roses are beautiful but will inevitably wither.

Animals are beautiful yet remain mortal.

I guess, in a way, those who try to capture beauty and preserve it forever, are also those who end up losing it.

The only thing we can do when we approach beauty is to admire it, because, it’s impermanent.



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