The problem with problems

One thing that we can always hold true to every person in this world is that we are connected by this plague that we call “problems.”

Life’s problems are like weeds; after you pull one out, another will sprout just a few feet away.

We created social media apps so we could solve the problem of connecting with other people.

Now we have this problem of not knowing how to disconnect.

We invented elevators so we could solve the problem of climbing up several flights of stairs faster.

Now we have this problem of everyone taking the elevator, evening if it’s just to go up one level.

Cars provide faster transport. Now we need to solve the issue of the many car-related deaths around the world.

More productivity of food, and now we have overconsumption and obesity while developing countries suffer.

We solve one thing, and the very act of providing a solution will create another issue.

The problem with problems is that there will always be problems to solve.

So how can we fix them all?

Maybe we don’t. Maybe we can’t.

Maybe that’s okay. Maybe the best we can do is to offer our best.




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