Google Chrome

People who use Google Chrome, compared to internet explorer or other default browsers, are 15% more successful at their job.

This is not because of Google Chrome being that much better (although many test studies show that Chrome statistically is better in terms of speed and performance, it is really negligible)

The reason is this:

People who take the effort and time to change their browser are more likely to be the same people who challenge the status quo.

People who take initiative, who seek better options, who seek solutions.

Don’t take the status quo; instead, ask why they exist in the first place and how to improve upon what is currently accepted as “the norm.”

Even simple questions are good.

Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly carried around with him a ledger, where he would write down “playfully curious” and, to most people’s standards, weird questions. Apparently, he would wake up and ask himself a type of question, at one point, posing the question: “What does the tongue of a woodpecker look like”

Another classic question: Why is the ocean blue?

Science teaches us that the ocean is not blue just because it wants to be blue, but because water reflects the color of the sky.

So, then why is the sky blue?

What is color?

Which web browser is the best?

Questioning the default leads us to generate original ideas and thoughts of approaching otherwise widely accepted and mundane aspects of life.

Questioning the default allows us to seek alternative options. It leads to more creativity, originality, and generally, better results.






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