Bill Gates or Microsoft?


I had a heated discussion today with someone about whether Bill Gates or Microsoft impacted the world more.

The problem here is that these are not two things you can compare at all.

Bill Gates built Microsoft, and Microsoft’s software and influence exist in over 82% of all computers across the world. Yes, but the type of work that and influence Bill Gates is doing in curing diseases like malaria in African countries and improving American education in underprivileged areas is impossible to measure.

But Bill Gates is also the greatest philanthropist in the world, ever.

Bill Gates has donated $20 billion to philanthropic endeavors both internationally and in America. Bill Gates also started the giving pledge, where he and fellow billionaires have promised to donate at least 50% of their wealth. Bill Gates has pledged 99% of his $80+billion to charity.

Bill Gates will go down as one of the greatest men in the world. And not for building Microsoft, but for making the world a better place in every sense.



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