If you invest in Google (or now Alphabet), you probably primarily think of Google’s search engine.

Or at least, that’s what you would have thought 10 years ago.

Now, Google has so many subsidiaries, you could take away their search engine and still have a very strong business model.

They also now control many advertising companies, GPS and mapping systems, and have a strong AI & technology development branch.

Google’s major subsidiaries include YouTube and Android. Android takes over 85% of the smartphone market, and YouTube is the largest content medium on the internet.

When you invest in Amazon, you also invest in Whole Foods, Audible & Kindle, Twitch, Amazon Web Services, Souq (Amazon of the Middle-East), Goodreads, and Zappos, to name a few.

Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR.

Disney owns:

Lucas Films (Star Wars franchise)
HULU (40%)
Disney Parks and World
And is now trying to acquire Fox Entertainment

If you are asking for other people to invest in you, what can you bring to the table beside yourself?

What network, connections, skills, personality traits, passions, ideas, and assets can you provide? Create subsidiaries, because that’s how you catch people off guard.



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