Burn Bridges

Because that part of your life…you need to walk away from

Because some people are toxic

Because it takes more strength to burn bridges and walk away from something you know is a dead cause

Because maybe the stars just didn’t align with this project

Because sometimes you need to move on

And it’s okay

Just don’t look back, don’t give yourself a chance to miss a time that you should have long escaped from

and make sure you burn the bridge down properly

Time to build new and better bridges

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 57: I am grateful for how much time I have

Magic Day 26: 2 more days!!!

I did magic at the Starbucks across the street today

A group of teenage friends (all in uniform)

They told me their names (in Chinese) and I honestly forget all of them…

I wonder what students feel about their uniforms because I for one would have hated to attend a high school where there was a mandatory dress code…

Then again, I am also dreading the idea of a dress code for my upcoming internship

It is WAY too hot here to wear a dress shirt and dress pants!!!


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