Singapore is Green

Today is my first day and also my first time in Singapore

Though I would love to write about what I’ve learned about Singapore culture and lifestyle, I’ll save that for future posts when I’ve had the proper time to adjust to the country

In the meantime, I’d like to just share some simple observations I’ve made so far:

  1. Singapore is very green. There are large beautiful trees everywhere. On the sidewalk, near houses, and in the median of roads.
  2. Singapore is 16 hours ahead of Vancouver PST time. I am basically living in the future now
  3. Cars drive on the left side of the road, and the wheel is on the right side of the car
  4. The air is very clean, fresh, and humid
  5. There is no one predominant ethnicity in Singapore. As well, their national language includes both Mandarin and English.
  6. Food is cheap ($4-$5 for a good bowl of ramen)
  7. The drinking age is 18 🙂

Grateful Day 12: I am grateful for being able to study abroad and intern in Singapore

Bridge view right outside of our apartments.


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