Power of introversion

Modern society has deemed “outgoing” to be a positive trait, while “quiet” seems to be looked down upon.

But in a world where everyone has something to say, a world where everyone just wants to talk, there is an unbounded potential in those who know how to be quiet and listen.

The power of introversion lies in the ability to step back and scan the battleground.

There is power in action; there is equally a power in thought.

So before you start being loud, maybe try being quiet for once, and use the power of thought


future love

I love my wife

I love my future child

Yes it’s a bit weird to say I love people that don’t yet exist

But I still feel it. I feel the potential that is there.

Just like the same potential people have for their careers, or education, or passions.

It’s the same type of love.

And I think this potential is so powerful. This love.

That’s why we need to cherish it more when we realize it.

It’s our potential that scares us, not our inability.

Power Corrupts

Uncle Ben was right. Power corrupts. This universally accepted concept is the basis of much of humanity’s misdeeds–that is, sexism, racism, discrimination, government corruption, economic distortion. Man has an innate desire to preserve.
As a society, we need to understand how to manage power over people, power over institutions, power over nature.

The greatest skill

The greatest skill you must possess when wishing to better influence other people is the skill to see in another individual’s perspective

Only then can we truly understand what is at stake

We must empathize, we must walk in another person’s shoes, and we must not come to immediate conclusions based on our own inherently flawed and biased perspectives

All of humanity is driven by incentives

What motivates one person is different from what motivates me

How we understand the incentives of other people can direct us to better understand our relationship with another person

How we can better appreciate the people around us

Perspective is power