Almost done!

The semester is almost done and of course, I am overwhelmed with a sense of bittersweetness.

Sweet in all the memories I’ve made; bitter in all the stupid tests and stress caused by examination when I want to simply pursue knowledge.

Sweet in all the fun moments I’ve had with my friends over dinner; bitter in all the pain, rejection, fails I’ve had to endure–but in an odd way, those moments are sweet too.

I’ll miss this

I’ll miss being young. I still am young, don’t get me wrong.

But as time fade, it’s a wonder why time only moves forward and not backward. If I could travel back in time, I’d travel back to these days that I am currently living because I know I am happy. I wish I knew when the “good old days” were as I am living them. Actually, every day is one of those days, I just need to make the best of them.

Writing is fun. Writing calms me.

So does meditate.

I can’t wait for the future. But I also want to preserve the past and the present.

It’s good to enjoy the moment as it comes though. And I’m trying to do that more

“Each of us is looking for a path back to the present: We are trying to find good enough reasons to be satisfied now”



future love

I love my wife

I love my future child

Yes it’s a bit weird to say I love people that don’t yet exist

But I still feel it. I feel the potential that is there.

Just like the same potential people have for their careers, or education, or passions.

It’s the same type of love.

And I think this potential is so powerful. This love.

That’s why we need to cherish it more when we realize it.

It’s our potential that scares us, not our inability.


being conscious about one’s self is one of the central themes of meditation and mindfulness, and equally a daunting and difficult task

We go into glimpses of this consciousness, but a sustained awareness of one’s self is nearly impossible to achieve unless you are the Buddha

But to be aware of one’s own existence, that alone, can bring peace

and that’s why consciousness of self leads to more fulfillment

Only after you are more aware of your own existence can you become more aware of other people’s existences.

It is equally a self-task as it is a relationship task

Accepted to Cambridge

I am so happy to announce that today I was accepted to Cambridge Pembroke College to study Economics and Philosophy for the Spring 2020 Semester.

I am immensely excited to work with professionals in their fields in a tutoring system where I will get to be intellectually and academically challenged in a unique system that only Oxbridge offers in the world.

And the reason I am writing this on my blog is that I feel like I want to share this happiness with my readers, my family, my friends.

Thank you for anyone who has stayed with me on this journey, either actively or passively.

I appreciate every one of you.


Don’t bring up problems unless you intend to provide potential solutions, or at least put in the effort to help work towards solutions

we know there are many problems in this world

we see them

we hear it

the media is great at telling us what’s wrong with society

let’s instead be better at saying what is good with it

for one: tater tots are the greatest breakfast dish.

holding myself back

One of life’s biggest questions is relationships

Choosing the right ones

And cutting off the ties you don’t need anymore like split ends

But relationships are difficult because it has to be a two-way street

What you want might not align with what the other person wants

Both people need to put on the effort

They always say the grass is greener on the other side

That may be true, but what’s truer is that the grass is always greener on the side that you water

So it’s important to work on yourself before you look for relationships

Unconditional happiness

Meditation for me is about mindfulness

Mindfulness to strive towards unconditional happiness

Being able to realize that existence alone can equate to happiness

Unconditional of a fancy car, a nice house, a relationship, money, pleasures, status…

Awareness that existence alone, even for a second, can give you happiness

That is the unbounded power of mindfulness

Three C’s

  1. Curiosity to find yourself
  2. Courage to
  3. Choose yourself

No know really knows what they are doing in this life

But that’s no excuse for indecency or mediocrity

You need to have curiosity

Curiosity to find out what makes you happy and why you were put on this earth

then you need the courage to choose to be yourself

because no one else can

only you have that power



I think people throw around the word “passion” too liberally

If you are passionate about something, can you show me the results?

Your projects… your outlook… your portfolio

People who are passionate, truly passionate, have projects they’ve done

Passion doesn’t need to be told; it’s shown

Show me your passion.

Transcendence, or whatever

We are condemned to a life of freedom.

Now, more than ever, the youth are imbued with an immense power

We have the freedom to do anything we want

but this freedom is a double-edged sword. Too much power and we fail to recognize it

Paralysis of analysis occurs

Choosing one project means closing the doors to an infinite number of other doors

Other projects

How do we do them all?

Transcendence requires us to be the best version of ourselves

But how do we know we are choosing the right path? Our freedom has given us infinite possibilities. So which one is the right now? It’s inevitable you might fall into phases of nihilism while pondering this thought

We are condemned to a life of freedom

But transcendence has no asterisk next to it that entails we must choose the best option.

Transcendence requires us only to choose the path willingly, independently, and aware of our freedom to choose that particular path.

Transcendence does not require us to necessarily pick the winning lottery number. Instead, it’s an absolute dependence on self, on self-awareness of self-actualization.

Transcendence, or whatever, is about having the power to exercise our freedom.