A message to incoming college freshman

This is the time to try and fail

No one cares about how cool you look or how smart you are anymore

This ain’t high school

You’re in the big leagues

But it also means you are granted this abundant freedom

Use it wisely

Right now our greatest strength is our youth

We have time to do anything we want

This is not the time to play it safe. You don’t pay bills and you’re in a setting around other passionate students in your age group. College is your safety net to take risks

Imagine this: you could do nothing right for the next 10 years and still be young. You’d be 28

So for the next 10 years I want you to fail as many times as possible but not just failing


Finding your passion


Good luck


Past two weeks I’ve been quite stressed out about life

about education



but now I think I can turn that stress into excitement

excitement for the future

to do things

to use my failures as motivation

to create meaningful work

there’s always an opportunity to turn negative energy into positive action

and I hope I can do that more

Being forgetful

Isn’t being forgetful one of the worst feelings in the world?

Forgetting that word…It’s on the tip of my tongue, we say

Forgetting to do homework, that you told yourself you’d remember to do…

Forgetting that one small fact for that important test…

Forgetting how it feels to hug your dog

Forgetting a phone number

Forgetting the feeling of love from a friend, or partner that you used to feel daily

We fear forgetting things because it means that time has passed. Change is the only thing that is certain, and that certainty is beautifully frightening.

Time scares us. Time is changing. Time moves forward, while we live in the past, forgetting how much better life used to be.

But if we look forward, instead, we can realize how much more potential we can have in this life, not in forgetting things, but in remembering to take care of ourselves, remembering to love one another, remembering to be the best version you can be.

Because just as we can forget the important things in life, we can also forget the pain.

And move on. And move forward. And live.