It’s important for all of us to story history because that is the only real groundwork we have to better understand the future

History rarely repeats, but it often rhymes

All revolutionary thinkers study past revolutionary thinkers

and so if you wish to be revolutionary, first understand the history and the framework of all the past great thinkers

only once you have a groundwork of history can you transcend what has already been done

The greats become greats after they’ve studied and surpassed the greatest before them

Kobe studied MJ, Lebron studied both Kobe and MJ, Kevin Durant studied all of the above

Every economist will have studied Adam Smith, Keynes, Friedman, etc.

All the great thinkers start with Plato, Aristotle, and then move to modern thinkers: Hegel, Kant, Sartre

And every great piece of literature is influenced by T.S. Eliot, Mark Twain, Tolkien…

History will bring us to the future


Life in a nutshell

Life in a nutshell to me is a series of events and encounters

The encounter practice theory is that every encounter (small moments) and event (bigger moments) in our life is what shapes us.

Encounters with people.

But some people can cause events.

Some books are encounters, some books are events.

It’s the age-old saying of “getting knocked off the horse”

So if encounters and events shape us, and propels us forward in life, either in the right or the wrong direction, then we have “life in a nutshell”.

Seek out more encounters.

Seek out more events.

Both in the most literal and figurative sense.