I truly believe that judgment of others is oftentimes just a self-projected judgment.

That is, when you judge others, you actually learn more about your internal self rather than the person you are attempting to judge.

She’s ugly

He’s so fat

The way he walks is weird

When you project these feelings onto other people, it’s a self-reflection of your own insecurities and contempt

Too much contempt, too much hatred being held within, and you end up projecting it on to others out of fear of letting it eat yourself up.

So cleanse your soul of this contempt and try to understand that humanity is beautiful


1000 followers on Quora

Today I checked my Quora account and I now have 1000 follows and over 1.2 million views on my answers

It’s a small achievement compared to where I want to be in terms of my personal brand, but I remember how difficult it was to even reach 100 follows

I’ve been writing on Quora for over 2 years and writing on my daily blog here for over 500+ daily posts.

Slow progress. But progress nonetheless