• Setting Myself up for Failure, The Overview Effect, and Creating Memories

    When you are on a fast-moving train and you pass another train at a station, there is no way for the human mind to cognize whether the other train is moving in the opposite direction or is sitting still. Everything is a blur passing by. It is often a brief moment in time where you… Continue reading

  • The paradox of choice – the illusion of perfection

    Ever since I could remember I’ve always liked only one flavour of Lay’s potato chips: the original. The classic yellow bag which contained at a minimum of 50% air was my go-to bag of chips. I didn’t care for all the new flavours the brand was producing.The other day I went to the grocery store… Continue reading

  • Limits of knowledge

    My philosophy dissertation is an 8000-word essay (that’s roughly 20 pages, single-spaced) that I’ve spent 3 months working on. As I approach the tail end of my time at Cambridge University, I’ve changed my dissertation thesis conclusion at nearly every draft. I began with conclusion “X”, then I completely changed my thesis to be conclusion… Continue reading

  • Sonder: the realization that everyone has a story

    I’m in Edinburgh this week and decided to watch the Beauty & the Beast musical by myself today. In the programme I searched up the names of the actors and the actresses. Belle was played by Courtney Stapleton, an LGBTQ+ Black actress. I was happy to see her success. Also, I found it unique watching… Continue reading

  • How Jazz Music can make you a better boxer

    I first started boxing and Muay Thai back in Singapore. I trained with Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Gaiyanhadao. Now that I’ve finally gotten off my mother’s couch and back in school, I picked up boxing again while at Cambridge. And, although I am very well still a rookie, I did my first light sparring… Continue reading

  • Performance Anxiety

    Performance Anxiety of FriendshipsIn high school, I was a theatre kid. Every year I had to not only perform in front of my peers during class, depending on what we were studying (film, theatre, movement, mime, etc) but I also acted in the annual productions our school put on.I can distinctly remember the moments before… Continue reading

  • Theories of Value and how to measure Value

    Theories of Value and how to measure Value

    I’m profoundly curious about what makes things in our world valuable. According to philosopher Immanuel Kant, there are generally two “worlds” we can speak of, that is, the external world of human experiences (Kant calls this the phenomenal world); contrastingly, there is also the noumenal world, or “things in themselves,” or intelligible world. Side note:… Continue reading

  • What my Cold taught me about [my] Gods

    What my Cold taught me about [my] Gods Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend 10 hours in the library every day for the past 3 days as I’ve been suffering from a cold and bedridden in my dorm room – ordering in food and self-isolating from my friends on the off-chance that I… Continue reading

  • A new imposter syndrome journey

    I am so deeply afraid of imposter syndrome. It started when I was 15 and was appointed as the new concertmaster of my high school’s strings orchestra over a senior, I genuinely believed she was better than me at violin, but I understood the rationale of my teacher’s choice as I would assume the position… Continue reading

  • Proud to be Asian-American

    Proud to be Asian-American

    I am Unapologetically Asian In 2020 I was constantly asking myself how I could be an ally for BIPOC and the BLM movementI started with little things. The basics of social media: share, like, and interact with posts. That moved to taking a class on the discussion of race and reaching out to my Black… Continue reading