Build your army with these books. Every month (or whenever I get new books) I will update this page based on my recommendations and what I am currently reading. For an exhaustive list of my book list, click here.

What I am reading for March 2018:

  1. Principles by Ray Dalio
    • Ray Dalio is the world’s most successful hedge fund manager. He predicted the 2008 financial crisis and has had decades of experience. He founded his own hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, which is most known for its meritocratic system that Ray Dalio very publicly advocates. He also has a Ted Talk that you can watch. If you want to truly learn about better principles about life & work, this is the book for you. He is coming out with a book centered on INVESTING and ECONOMY later this year. Principles is for everyone, even if you are not an investor
  2. Option B – by Sheryl Sandberg
    • Sheryl is one of the most powerful women in the world and the current COO of Facebook. The book follows her story of how she handled adversity when her husband suddenly passed away–her Option B
  3. Eleanor & Park – by Rainbow Rowell
    • Cute young romance fiction, because we all need to read something cringey once and a while 😉
  4. Originals, – by Adam Grant
    • Adam Grant, who is rated the best professor at UPenn Wharton’s Business school, is an organizational psychologist who has written several #1 NYT books. In Originals, he discusses how Non-conformists (procrastinators, slow people, and other different personality traits) succeed in life with their increased creativity.
  5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower- by Stephen Cbhosky
    • This coming-of-age book has quickly become one of my favorite young-adult romance fiction books. Not to mention that the movie is astoundingly good
  6. .Counting by 7’s

    The book follows a genius girl who is fascinated with medical conditions and plants. The story begins with the sad news that her adopted parents, who loved her dearly, sadly passes away in a car crash. I am only ~20% through the book. Started reading it yesterday.

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