6 things I love about myself

1 – that I am a romantic. And even though my life doesn’t always play out like the way they do in movies, I am happy I am a romantic because it makes me hopeful. That I am willing to suspend all that exists in reality – because reality is boring sometimes – and envision a more beautiful, romantic, sublime, daring life.

2 – that I am comfortable with crying – and I cry a lot because I feel so much. I am growing with my emotions. I strive in showing vulnerability and putting myself outside my comfort zone. And although I am not completely comfortable in my own skin, I am still learning.

3 – that I can do magic. Magic is really cool.

4 – that I love deeply. I care strongly about my friends and relationships. That I cry for their happiness and for their pain. That I miss them even when they’re close and more when they’re gone.

5 – that I can dance. Not well. But the fact that I can move my body freely – and there was a point where I couldn’t – makes me realize that I am alive.

6 – that I am so deeply imperfect – my skin, my past, my baggage – but I still love myself and I continually learn to love myself.


One response to “6 things I love about myself”

  1. and a willingness to share who you are…


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