Buying Bitcoin in 2014

Everyone wishes they bought Bitcoin or got in on the GME hype or invested in [insert exponential growth investment]
I remember back in 2014 was when I first heard about Bitcoin and was offered it as payment. I’d be a multimillionaire today if I had accepted it.
But I always think that getting in on these hype investments is synonymous to winning the lottery ticket. A lot of luck is involved. (I will give mad props though to early adopters who researched fundamentals)
But anyways
There is a lot of research that shows people who win the lottery don’t have significant long term changes in happiness.
Here are likely a few reasons for this
1) winning the lottery means you became wealthy not off meritocracy but off luck. This is not a great feeling
2) the skills, hard work and experience of building wealth is skipped. Your wealth changed but you didn’t gain any new skills or knowledge
3) going from 1 to 100 in wealth is difficult to manage. We are bad at step-ladder increments as opposed to linear. IE we flinch at initial hot water, but can slowly increase the showers heat as we slowly adapt to new temperature
I ocassionaly think about these things to make myself feel better for not accepting a few hundred Bitcoins back in 2014
Does anyone know what the next Max Lotto prize pool is?

3 thoughts on “Buying Bitcoin in 2014

  1. The story with me is more or less the same. Around 2014/2015, I had no idea of what Bitcoin or digital currency was, not even how to invest on it. But my business partner at the time turned to me a couple of times and asked: “Do you have any idea of how much a BItcoin was woth in 2010?.. Do you know know ho much it is worth now? Anyone who has invested peanuts has now xxx $!” . But I was so damn busy with our small business and also taking a degree that I didn’t even want to hear. I thought I could lead my life the way you’re supposed to – working, studying, growing as a person and evolving your professional and technicall skills. I could do well without any weird, unknown and volatile investments… Now, I do really regret not having heard what was “in the air” a few times… All the mentioned is important, don’t get me wrong, as you say in your text.. But surely a few hundreds BTC would come handy now…

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