free will

I do not believe, in general, that people do acts of evil for the sake of evil (there are exceptions.) There are always certain scenarios or predicaments that humans are put into, and, due to our imperfections, we may find imperfect solutions.
Humanity is inflicted with this imperfection of free will, we are then prone to sin.
But since sin is a human afliction, then our understanding of evil and good is also a human fabrication, so we must discern between these fine lines with human distinction.
Right and wrong are inherently clouded in ambiguity–furthermore, we are then expected to discern between right and wrong and somehow make the proper choices, despite our own shortcomings.
Even if God were to give us the truth, IE, thou shall not kill or steal, is there not certain predicaments in humanity where doing so would be justified? Is the man who steals bread to feed his family evil? To the baker, yes; to the family, he is a hero; to a bystander, we feel ambivalent. Here the man may understand his wrongdoing but justifies it.
Instead, we may look towards society: is society not evil in putting this man in such a predicament where his imperfection leads him to such an imperfect solution? I am eager to find these Truths, and furthermore eager to right future wrongs.


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