Oil falls 30%, rise of clean energy?

Russia and Saudi Arabia are in an oil-price war, with oil falling to under $30/barrel earlier this week, dropping from highs of $80/barrel just a few years ago

Many people may view the drop in oil price as a win for oil and a loss for clean energy

However, in my view, the instability and volatility of oil and natural gas, in turn, shows that clean energy is the solution: clean, environmentally friendly, stable energy

This bump in oil markets is a win for clean energy.


3 responses to “Oil falls 30%, rise of clean energy?”

  1. I am new in your blog. I want to know that how you started your blog . I want to do something in this platform . I am hoping that you will reply it !! Please.. say something…about this..
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    1. Hi Binita! You can start your own blog here on WordPress!


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