China Wuhan Virus

“These construction sites are a fine example of decisive Communist Party Action” reports the Economist.

China recently completed a 1000-bed hospital construction in just 10-days in response to the Wuhan virus. A second hospital is now being built. The timelapse of the construction is just insane

Chinese officials are getting criticism for apparently hiding the virus outbreak for weeks – maybe justified due lack of knowledge and  not knowing the insuing severity- yet “weeks” is a big improvement from when China’s government hid the SARS outbreak for 4 MONTHS in 2002.

Look, this outbreak is terrible and we don’t know how much worse it might get. But I honestly believe the criticism thrown at China is a little shortsighted. Obviously the people did not want this virus to occur. Not are they maliciously and intentionally spreading it to other countries.

Say what you will about China – but the government knows how to get things done and when to put it’s iron fist down. And with a population of 1.4 billion, I think they’ve done the best job any country could do trying to not cause massive chaos.

Sending prayers to China and my family.

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2 responses to “China Wuhan Virus”

  1. Very true Jeff…best wishes for good health to your family!!

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  2. good perspective on China; here’s to hoping it gets under control quickly.


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