a little hiatus

I took an 11-day hiatus from daily blogging here.

It’s the longest hiatus that I’ve gone. For the past 610 days, I’ve been writing nearly every day, missing maybe 1-2 days occasionally.

I’m not entirely sure how the hiatus started, but it was slightly premeditated.

I wanted to know how it would feel to bottle up my thoughts instead of writing them down and sharing it to the world.

It’s a weird feeling, and one I hope to not experience again in the near future.

I believe that my daily posts have been important in self-reflection and maintaining a clear mind.

Nonetheless, the past 11-days have been quite eventful. I got back home from Hong Kong and before I could fix my jetlag I got on another flight from Vancouver to Toronto to visit family on my step-dad’s side. His mother celebrated her 90th’s bday and we drove 5-hours to get to her party, then drove 5-hours back to Toronto.

I saw Niagra Falls.

I explored downtown Toronto.

I went to Toronto Island today and plan to go to the CNE tomorrow (big event, rides, shops, performances, food, etc).

And I’ll be flying back to Philadelphia to start school on Saturday.

Excited. Everything happens so quickly. I need to remember to self-reflect and write my thoughts down.


One response to “a little hiatus”

  1. glad to see you back to blogging!


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