I am torn

I am torn between wanting to live in the present moment and capturing it on my camera to cherish forever

I am torn between taking time to care for my personal and mental health, and trying to build towards my future

I am torn between saving and investing money for my retirement, and the motto of “you only live once”

Self-awareness is key when making difficult decisions

I honestly, genuinely believe, that in regards to the above questions, there is no “right” answer, only right answer for you

If you want to capture the moment, go ahead. But don’t do it because of some stupid excuse like conformity, or to impress your friends on social media.

But don’t refuse to pull out your camera because you think you’re better than everyone else by “enjoying the present moment”

Every decision needs to be predicated on what you want to do, based on your personal morals, values, and life perspectives

Don’t make decisions based off of other people’s opinions


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