being productive

I’ll be honest: I have not been doing any work at my internship thus far, entirely because 1) my supervisor went to Japan and 2) I don’t have any work

But time is valuable. And so, every day, I’ve been going to the office, sitting in my cubicle, and doing independent research

Today I wrote 5 pages of heavily researched content for my economics paper on China’s Social Credit System. I hope to reach at least 10 pages before I finalize, edit, and publish it.

I also have been making infographics for my Instagram page, @Downtofinance if you wish to see.

I wonder how much more I can get done in my life if I approached every day like this: being fully productive for a solid 6 hours.

It’s important to have side projects because your job should not be your life. That way you won’t be constrained to literal 9-6 work life.

Side projects give me freedom, flexibility, and creativity.


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