I look at content creation in the same way that I look at baseball.
I’ve never played baseball but the general concept of hitting is quite intuitive to me.
You get 3 strikes in total. You swing at the throws you think you can hit. If the pitcher throws a “ball” which means the throw is bad, then you don’t get a strike if you don’t swing (which is why players need to be strategic in when to swing)
But the thing about content creation is that you get unlimited strikes.
So even if you swing, and you miss, it’s okay.
And sometimes it’s best to not swing, be patient, and wait for the right throw to get a homerun.
I go through phases of content creation where I am wildly swinging, and sometimes I am more methodic about when to swing.
I think both aproaches are fine, because it helps me better understand the cross between quality vs. quantitiy.

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