First full week

This first week back from school I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been while at Villanova.

My classes don’t start until 11:30 and 1:30 PM on the 4 days I have class,

But I got up before 9 AM every day.

I did my morning routine, which consists of making my bed, “washroom essentials,” checking my laptop + email, meditating for 15 minutes, and then writing down my goals for the day. On some of the days, I also wrote my blog post in the morning, which is why you might’ve received emails around 10 AM.

Today I didn’t have class. I have 3 day weekends every week because I made sure I have no classes on Friday.

But I still got up at 9 AM, did my morning routine, and then I worked out for 1-hour. (In honesty, I didn’t know what I was doing at the gym though. I just lifted some weights, looked at myself in the mirror, took a picture, and called it a day).

This first full week has made me feel so good about myself and I really want to continue these habits. Habits I want to keep for my entire life.

It takes 66-days to build a habit.

I guess I’m 61-days out.


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