Subtle quality

Today I ate at Sushi Hachi, a Japanese restaurant that served high quality authentic Japanese sushi and nigiri

But what makes their sushi taste better than other sushi restaurants?

Why did Sushi Hachi taste so good today?

There are a lot of subtle things and all of theme make the entire experience so much better

The way the chef slices the fish

The subtle things he does to prepare the nigiri

The type of rice

The fact that the chef puts a dot of wasabi already under the fish topping

The ambience of the restaurant

Even the pricing of the menu items, whole numbers, indicated that this was a place of high-quality ($30 vs. $29.99)

Subtlety is very important in distinguishing the best from the very best, especially when it comes to something that is artful

So when you create your own art, look for that subtlety

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