Where did 2018 go?

Seriously, where did 2018 go?

2018 started off very slow for me.

I spent 4 months in Singapore studying abroad.

Those 4 months taught me how it is possible to be living such a “full” life yet not be completely happy.

There is always turmoil. There is always a different picture behind the smile.

Shanghai was a blur to me. Still, every day felt long, but in hindsight, the overall trip felt like a blink of an eye.

In hindsight is one of my favorite statements, because in hindsight you can much more clearly see what happened.

When we are in the moment, it’s hard to truly grasp the gravity of life. We are often too busy living life that we don’t have time to contemplate it.

2018 disappeared. I thought it felt long. I thought there would be more cycles for me to live. The pain took years to suffer through, to endure, and the happy moments went by too quickly.

2018 is gone but hopefully there is much more for me to look forward to.


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