The paradox of the information age is that now more then ever, if you have access to the internet, it is quite possible to become self-taught at anything you wish. Knowledge is readily available. But the paradox is that now more then ever we see people have become infatuated with certification.

Someone needs to approve of our skill. A college degree. A recommendation letter. A diploma. A certificate of some sort. A medal to show achievement.

The issue with this paradox is that we often fall into this rut of only completing tasks wherein we can be recognized for.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is almost frowned upon by some people. The initiative for self-knowledge is lacking.

In a world where knowledge is so readily available, let’s take advantage of it. Share information. Spread knowledge. Education is important not only for the sake of graduating, but also for the sake of producing educated people. Let’s not forget to learn for the sake of learning.

Good luck to everyone during finals season!


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