Golden Mean

Aristotle has this theory on virtues called the “Golden Mean”

Virtues are things we strive to have.

However, we can have excess and deficiencies of each.

Too much courage and you have hubris. A deficiency of courage results in no action.

An excess of kindness results in obsequious behavior. A deficiency of kindness and you are an asshole.

I like to apply this theory to a lot of parts in my life. In politics, in economics, in life habits, in academics.

The Golden Mean teaches us that there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Too much money or lack thereof are equally bad. Helping someone too much and they become lackadaisical and dependent. Too many compliments and they become worthless.

Too much sleep and too little sleep equally make me tired. Too much studying and too little studying equally makes me intellectually weak. Too much exercise and too little exercise both deteriorates my body.

Find a proper balance, a Golden Mean, in your life. Don’t fall into the extremes.


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