Escape from 💭


My Human Person professor told us the other day that she often feels guilty when she takes naps.

When we asked her why she took naps though, her answer really resonated with me.

She said she often naps as a method of escaping her intellectual thoughts.

If you’ve ever wondered if you have a voice in your head…there it is

And that voice never stops unless we ourselves take a break.

I often tell people that if we ever get in a long car ride, I have to sleep. Or else I go into a deep dive into my thoughts which I often don’t want to do. I’m actually writing this post right now in a car on my way to NYC, because I realized I started thinking a little too much.

And it’s not really harmless these thoughts. It’s just that I start overthinking every detail of life, and what sucks is when I am in a car, I can’t do anything with those thoughts. Instead, I just end up bathing in a pool of thoughts, unable to escape if they begin downward spiraling, and unable to do anything but continue thinking.

When I meditate, I allow myself to be more in tune with these thoughts in a conscious state. But like my professor, I like to take naps to completely escape the intellectual mind.

When I considered myself basically a full-time athlete in high school, I took drastic measures to recover. Ice baths, stretching, foam rolling, and physical therapy.

And just as an athlete takes these measures to recover from their physical strain, now, as an intellectual, I take naps to recover from overthinking. Or maybe I just like napping. But let’s say it’s the former.


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