I can’t get a job


I can’t get a job

I don’t know why.

But if I can’t get an internship for the summer of 2019, I actually have thought about legitimate alternatives.

I’d either stay home in Vancouver and take a break from how much I did last year (where I went to Singapore then went to Shanghai for the summer). This would give me time to reconnect with my friends, spend more time with family, and just work on “me”. Maybe start new projects, learn new classes, and explore the city more and live a little more.

Or, I might go back to China and go to the Shaolin Temples and be a monk for 2 months.

It’s definitely on my bucket list to practice mindfulness and practice a life of asceticism.

I’d get to spend my days meditating, practicing martial arts, learning Chinese culture and language, calligraphy, and practice mindfulness. I’d imagine I’d have a lot more time to read and write, especially since I’d probably not be spending my spare time on Instagram.

So what do you plan to do for next summer?


I’ll probably be working an investment bank job, or I’ll be in China in a temple.

Either way, I’m excited. And I think that’s a good place for me to be in, because I don’t have any expectations. I just expect to make the best out of whatever situation I’m placed in.


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