A song

Daily Blog post 363: A Song

It’s amazing how a sound, a smell, a song, a landscape, a photograph, a word, a feeling…

these things can all transplant you to another time and place.

A place of happiness

Or a place of remorse

I have a strong affinity with certain songs.

Songs that remind me of my favorite movies. These songs take me back to the worlds on the screens and remind me of the first time I saw those movies. I was a different person back then, and all those memories and thoughts I had during that period of my life all come flowing back.

Some songs remind me of a feeling, like the first time I experienced loss or depression. In a way, these songs remind me of those emotions, but also remind me that I got through them. It’s uplifting in an odd way.

And on the flip side, some songs remind me of how happy I was when I constantly blasted them, and remind me of how joyful music makes me, the dancing and singing I did, the jamming. But it also creates an emptiness inside me because those are only memories now.

It’s a weird paradoxical connection I have with songs. Sometimes, I need to press pause on these songs because the connections are too strong and I can’t bear to listen to the words or be reminded of my past life.

But again, just because the music has paused, doesn’t mean you can’t press “play” again in the future.

P.S. song recommendations? 


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